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29th Jul 2017
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29th Jul 2017

Da Vinci in Association with Guest Resources is Proud to Offer a

BCom (Business Management) Applied To Retail Management Employees

The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management (Da Vinci), a duly registered and accredited provider of higher education, offers a BCom (Business Management) applied to Retail Management employees. The focus is on a business management approach and managerial leadership development. The BCom (Business Management) consists of 360 credits at exit NQF Level 7).

The purpose of this qualification is to recognise those who have the required competence to serve in transformational management positions in Wholesale and Retail organisations by enabling them to obtain a nationally registered and recognised qualification.

The Institute has developed an innovative approach to managerial leadership development which is based on the following principles;

Students do not write exams but are instead assessed through the post-module assignments and research projects.

All learning can immediately be applied to the workplace, solving         real problems in the workplace using the theory acquired.

Application of Action Learning where candidates are encouraged to take experiences from environments very different from their own and to ’laterally link’ the learning to their own environment.

Focus on cultivating managerial leadership through enhancing skills in the management of Technology, Innovation, People and Systems (TIPS™).

Close collaboration with our client – Active and effective partnerships where there is joint responsibility for:

The delivery of the programmes

The quality control of the programmes

The design and alignment of assignments

The full integration of learning within the client operations.

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