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1st Mar 2018
Drought in the Western Cape
9th Apr 2018

Jeanette Masters joined Guest Resources in 1999. This makes her one of the longest serving staff members in the past 22 years of Guest Resource Services existence. She made an important contribution towards the business side of Guest Resource Services, focusing on sales and marketing with clients. With her background in real-estate she had a good influence in establishing contracts and long term relationships with all clients.


Jeanette is also an expert on Skills Development and still rendering exceptional service to all new and existing clients.  For many years she headed the staff and office administration in Pretoria. She had a positive influence on all employees and is still loved and seeked by all.


Jeanette is the Director in the Eastern Cape and Represents the Board in this capacity.  Much of the training is in the rural areas of South Africa. Jeanette is also involved with the training of learners living with disabilities and worked closely with community leaders to ensure that people in their communities can make use of the opportunities.  Service and quality education are the keywords for the successful completion of learning programmes.


Jeanette and her team makes a splendid effort to take quality training to the people. The Eastern Cape has experienced exceptional growth and development.  Currently Guest Resource Services is also established as a training provider of note in this province.  Jeanette foresees a great future for Guest Resource Services in the Eastern Cape, keeping in mind the ever changing landscape of adult training in South Africa.

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