Finalist in the NSA competition
19th Aug 2019
Feedback from APPETD: NQF stakeholder forum
26th Aug 2019

Guest Resource Services Host Employer

Guest Resource Services is hosting and giving workplace experience for twenty-two learners sponsored by Academy Brushware. Fifthteen of the learners are being trained on site at our Head Office in Pretoria, five in KZN, one in the Vaal and one in the Eastern Cape. The learners in Pretoria receives training from Johan Venter, who is a trainer very dear to the company’s heart. He is legally blind, making his challenges so much greater than the average trainer. His perseverance, dedication and hard work has been an inspiration for many, and his set backs have only made his accomplishments that much more commendable. He is an attentive trainer and his class is grateful to be taught by him.

One learner does her practical at our Vaal Office, she is a bright young woman who is always eager to learn. We are expecting good things for her and have high hopes for her future.

Learners attending QMS meeting at Head Office


They sat in on our QMS meeting which we held on the 29th of July 2019. They all gave very good feedback and were appreciative of the opportunity to sit in the meeting and learn about company policies and procedures.

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