Academic Board Member: Dr Wilma Guest-Mouton
17th Aug 2018
The Importance of being a Team Player
17th Aug 2018

Blind staff member receiving his independence:


A sad day indeed but with a silver lining. The day my second guide dog went on pension and with that my independence and mobility went down. I was blessed with a yellow Labrador who gave me back my independence.


Tanner, a 3 year old yellow Labrador walked into my life on 29 March 2018 and we were training since then.


A word of thanks to Guest Resources Services on the example they put with equal employment, for the understanding and the platform they create to accommodate all.  Don’t matter your background, disability or colour. Tanner was bred and trained by the South African Guide Dog Association who is a non-profit organisation.


Guest Resources Services is an example to others when it comes to inclusion and uplifting the disabled or any person for that matter.


As the slogan say WE TRAIN AFRICA.


Johan Venter

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