CATEGORY: Soft Skills

Stress and Trauma Sensitivity

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Welcome to the Trauma and Stress Sensitising Programme of Guest Resource Services.

We are all prone to be exposed to possible unexpected occurrences in life or some continued stressful situations that will affect the way we respond.

This programme is aimed at assisting us as normal people, employees and, to be aware of the impact of severe and traumatic experiences in life.  It is aimed to give us an opportunity to be aware of the impact of disruptive occurrences on our everyday life with the focus to empower us to start looking at coping and taking strong action to restore ourselves to a place where we are self-sufficient.  We will also note that to be self-sufficient means we do include people and other support structures around us, build on them and not isolate or exclude them.

You will be challenged to think and reflect on your situation and circumstances.  You can then get an understanding of what your experiences and responses actually mean.

The programme creates a personal and safe space to reflect on your personal situation, gain understanding about it through the material, and then have the chance to make certain decisions to take action and create support structures that will lead to you being able to start managing the aspects you have decided to take further.

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