• Labour law consultants
  • Disciplinary Management
  • DismissalLdT Labour Consultants
  • Retrenchments
  • Wage Negotiations
  • HR / IR assistance
  • Review and advise of employment contracts
  • Employer and employee relations management
  • CCMA

We at LdT Consultants specialise in the consultation with the employer on various labour matters. With our specialised knowledge we have been of fundamental value to our clients of the past and present on matters contained within the Labour Relations Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

We provide assistance to employers and their head of departments with the implementation and maintenance of staff discipline in the workplace. In doing so we are willing to aid in the investigation phase of any misconduct, incapacity and operational requirements which is then followed by the execution of the correct procedure.
Furthermore we provide services related to negotiations with unions on behalf of the employer.

We also represent the employer in disputes at the CCMA as we act as officials of the employer’s organisation and are affiliated with the AHI and GD&PEO employer’s organisations.

The business was started by Mr Louis du Toit in 2005 after he retired as a magistrate. He had an absolute passion for South African law and devoted his life to it. He since sold the business after almost 10 years to mark his final retirement at the end of 2014. The business was taken over by Mr Egbert Oosthuizen who worked closely with Mr du Toit since 2007. The two of them working together became well known figures in the labour profession in the Eastern Cape.

Along with two new partners Mrs Jeanette Masters and Mr PW van Biljon we at LdT Consultants strive to apply ourselves to the legal labour field of South Africa and to ultimately play a changing role in the employer-employee relationship

Egbert Oosthuizen
Cell: 079 885 1680
E-mail: egbert.ts@sainet.co.za

Dewald Oosthuizen
Cell: 076 164 0940 
E-mail: dewald.ts@sainet.co.za

PW van Biljon
Cell: 061 066 7553
E-mail: pw@guestresources.co.za

110 Hillcrest Drive, Beacon Bay, East Lodon
Tel: 043 748 6991 x 203   |   Fax: 086 610 3448

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