Huisgenoot featuring Blind employee and family feel good story
30th Nov 2017
Christmas concert 24 November 2017 (GODS GIFT)
30th Nov 2017

It is with great delight that Guest Resources Services  congratulates our employees of the month November.  These employees were identified because of their focus and teamwork on a new project to identify, train and place disabled learners.


Johan Venter,  Project Manager: Learnerships for people living with disabilities and also marketing officer with Monique Smit,  HR: Intern and Virginia Mohl,  Learner were nominated.


We are proud of these three individuals who worked as a team and completed the successful screening , interviews, signing of agreements and logistical arrangement to place 70 learners on a New Media, Information Communication Technology’s ,(MICT) learnership.


Well done colleagues!

Employees of the month

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