Book launch sponsored by Guest Resource Services
12th Dec 2018
Guest Resource Services nomination CCBC
12th Dec 2018

Guest Resource Services is proud to congratulate learners of 2016 – 2017 who graduated in November 2018.   These learners achieved a qualification in End-user Computing NQF level 3 with the Media and Information Technology seta (MICT) or Project Management NQF 4.


This people are very special to Guest Resource Services.  The group included our first group of learners living with disabilities as well as employees of Guest Resource Services.

Graduation day, excitement, laughter and happy faces all around.  Head Office Pretoria celebrating in style the achievements of these unique individuals.  People who attended the ceremony; CEO Dr Wilma Guest Mouton; Operations Director Mr Piet Guest, support staff, but the most important of all the graduates and their family members.


On behalf of Guest Resource Services and all role-players involved, who contributed to the development and uplifting of this unique class, we want to thank you and with you well on your future endeavours.


We are proud to announce that most of these learners enrolled with |Guest Resource Services for a second qualification; Business Admin NQF level 2.

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