May 2021
17th May 2021
4th Aug 2021

2020 was a very challenging year for all of us. Despite the unusual and difficult circumstances, learners of Guest Resource Services persevered and finished their respected learnerships.

On a rainy 26 January 2021 learners received their certificates at the graduation ceremony held at Guest Resource Service’s Head Office in Pretoria. Amongst the learners who graduated and received their Project Management certificates, were a father-son duo and the father is nonother than Guest Resource Service’s own Oom Piet. Mr Piet Guest and his son, Bill, who share the same name (Charles William Guest) are exceptional examples of life long learners and are a part of the educational family of Guest Resource Services. Bill was working on a farm in the USA and spent his 3 month holiday in South Africa to complete this qualification with his father.

They shared the class with Mr Daniel Twala, who is a well-known facilitator at Guest Resource Services as well as Mr Kraai van Kraayenburg, who was part of the Guest Resource Services family for many years, overseeing quality.


Another extraordinary story is that of a learner who finished her Business Administration qualification while battling cancer.


At the same graduation ceremony, learners living with disabilities also received certificates for Business Administration NQF 2 and MICT End User NQF 3.

It was a very successful day, as it was the first graduation after the Covid-19 regulations were amended. This was definitely a graduation ceremony to remember. All attendees were treated with delicious refreshments that were packaged individually, adhering to Covid-19 regulations.

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