Accessible education for people living with disabilities
11th Dec 2018
Employee of the month December 2018
11th Dec 2018

Exciting times for Guest Resource Services With their accreditation with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).  Recently this year Guest Resource Services received accreditation for our first occupational directed qualification from the QCTO.
Guest Resource Services can now offer training opportunities within the framework of the QCTO.

We are also proud to announce that Guest Resource Services have a full operational shop at our Head Office in Pretoria, for the practical development of Wholesale and Retail learners.

Guest Resource Services a trusted skills training provider since 1996 and we are looking forward to the future with QCTO in developing people and over all lowering the unemployment rate.

With our slogan : “We train Africa” we want to take training to all.

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