17th Aug 2018
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31st Aug 2018

22nd Birthday celebration Journey continues

You got to get up, you got to get up and make a move because the world won’t see you till you do. The words that truly are partly the inspiration behind the beauty, the training and values that is Guest Resource Services.


Guest Resource Services was established in June 1996 by Dr Wilma Guest-Mouton with the initial focus of the company being life skills training. Soon the momentum kicked in, an accredited provider specialising in Supervisory, Project Management and Management training.

1st June 2018 The day that we are blessed to celebrate the milestones of this incredible place that many have called a home away from home, the place many have come to admire as the land with a pot of golden opportunities.

A project Management class made up of learners that have become part of the staff in the past year, successfully having studied with us on other Learnership and training courses were now faced with the opportunity and the unique challenge to celebrate the day that takes us back to 1996 June the day Guest Resource Services was born. Putting their skills and training into action to put together ideas as they saw to the day being a day of sports and recreation fun festival.

A day of teams and open fields of sports entertainment with learners and staff from different branches playing soccer, volleyball, netball  and a touch of cricket. What is a party without a meal to share?  Our Quality manager and Project Management Facilitator as head chefs working together with the great team of our kitchen staff to put together a tasty meal of pap and chicken stew soup with juice and tasty cupcakes for desert.








The Project team truly gave a lot of effort and input. The décor and food was delicious and many were happy and well entertained, as learners got the chance to show off their talents in singing and rap music. Truly opening  their hearts through speeches, with words of courage along with wisdom and prayer by one of our very own facilitators and with a very bubbly and enthusiastic MC.  Motivation and inspiration from the mother and CEO our very own Dr Wilma Guest-Mouton by whom it was made possible to be gathered together and gaining immense amount of knowledge and skills.


Guest Resource Services



‘’ After all is said and done, more is said than done’’ ~ Aesop

        ‘’Always remember your focus determines your reality’’ ~ George Lucas

      ‘’Experience is merely the name men gave to their mistakes’’ ~ Oscar Wilde

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