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29th Jul 2017
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29th Jul 2017

Walt Disney said: “If you can dream it you can do it….”.

When I started Guest Resource Services twenty years ago, my biggest dream was to make a positive difference in the lives of the people that I trained. Our mission statement was and still is: “To make a contribution towards the development of Africa’s human potential, thereby heightening productivity and ensuring prosperity”.

A question, that might be asked is: “ is it possible to make a difference in people’s lives through adult training?”

My answer is a definite yes. Yes, as a training provider you can make a positive difference. My belief is your heart must be in the right place. You must really care for your learners, and you must want them to succeed. Succeed not only in a specific skills programme, learnership or qualification. But succeed to become responsible citizens of our beautiful country, South Africa and our continent Africa.

For a provider it is not an easy road and for a learner it is not an easy choice. So often we hear that private providers are “fly-by-nights” or that “they jump on the band-wagon to make quick money” and unfortunately these statements are sometimes true.

But the opposite are also true, private providers are often really the “salt of the earth” who cares about their learners. Who take extra care in preparing learners for the adult training environment, who support their learners, who walk that extra mile. Private providers are often the ones that are not subsidized, and the ones who needs to train learners over a period of a year in small groups in the workplace in the deepest rural areas.

So how do private providers survive the system and keep doing what they do well?

By being able to persevere, by knowing the legislation and by keeping track of all the changes, by being able to adapt to ever changing circumstances, by being very organized, plan well and by being transparent an honest. By being accredited and having a proper quality management system. By caring about people and by training their trainers well.

One stays in adult training for twenty years by loving what you do and by living you dream………..

Dr Wilma Guest-Mouton


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