Project Renovations at Guest Resource Services Head Office
17th May 2021
Graduation during Covid-19
17th May 2021

It is more than a year since lock down happened in the Republic of South Africa.  An interesting year with numerous new, different challenges.  A year where we had to focus on “social distancing”, facial masks, zoom meetings, blended learning and the endless sanitizing of our hands.


It was a year, where the enemy became the virus.  Where the virus was the enemy and where the enemy took away loved ones from us.  March 2020 -March 2021 was a strange year, in many ways.


It was also a year where we were taught new survival methods, where businesses had to become more agile, where employees had to become bigger change agents, where survival became the name of the game.


At Guest Resource Services we are privileged to work with a team of caring survivors, master change agents.


From our support staff to our operational staff to our management staff are we blessed with a diverse team of human beings who share one common goal “To create a competent empowered workforce” to take people from self-knowledge to self-responsibility, to make a contribution towards the development of Africa’s human potential by heightening productivity and ensuring prosperity.


I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to one amazing team of employees who are standing together through tough times, and to our customers who are with us every step of the way.


We appreciate you all, we value our learners, and we believe that we can make a positive difference in the future of our beautiful South Africa.


Let’s take the challenge together.


Dr Wilma Guest-Mouton

CEO : Guest Resource Services

May  2021

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