Surviving Lockdown 2020
23rd Apr 2020
The influence of COVID 19 on the company, our employees and our learners
23rd Apr 2020

Louena Nkosi joined the Guest -team on the 10 February 2020 and she  has been employed as an intern to assist in the I.T. department as well as the HR department. She has studied Human Resource Management and obtained a diploma at Boland College. Her goals at Guest Resource Services are to increase her knowledge on skills development and all other aspects involved within the company. Louena has also set a target of becoming an excellent note taker during meetings and prides herself in her work. Louena is a bubbly person who has really fitted within the team well and we are happy to have her on board.


Lucky Serage joined the Guest- team on the 16 March 2020 as a facilitator/assessor. Lucky has various qualifications behind his name ranging from supply chain management to new venture creation and marketing management. Lucky is passionate about upskilling the South African workforce and we see this by his efforts and enthusiasm within his classes. Lucky has fitted in well at Guest Resource Services by showing his eagerness and willingness not to only grow personally but also to help his fellow colleagues and learners in any way possible.


By Dean Long

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