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3rd May 2020
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3rd May 2020

Ryno van Wyk

Ryno van Wyk has joined our team as a consultant.

Ryno is an energetic Mechanical Engineer with MBA and a natural teacher. He is part of the work force for 35 years. He has a strong sense for technical- and business development and implementation of change. He is eager to learn, believes in a good knowledge base and transfer of knowledge and skills. He has experience in: technical design, management, marketing, training of personnel, starting up teams, divisions or businesses, expanding, improving or running thereof.


Ryno is a keen tennis player and enjoys a high level of fitness. He also takes part and competes in Ballroom and Latin American Dancing. He has special interests in motorcars, people’s behavior and alternative energy.

He is happy to be a part of Team Guest, focusing especially on improving  skills of people in the workplace.




Mari Odendaal

Mari Odendaal joined the Guest Team as a Product Developer/Business consultant this year. She has had a wonderfully positive attitude and work ethic. Below are some words from her, regarding her time here at Guest Resource Services and a little bit about her as well.


“The Guest Resources teams I have met, across the regions, all reflect so much of energy, pride and enthusiasm for the work they do.  I am excited to have to deliver work in such a highly regarded business.  I am in the offices in Pretoria on a Thursday, where I thoroughly enjoy working.


My experience is in the field of people and human resources management.  I have worked in various industries, ranging from manufacturing some public sector experience in government and aviation.


During my early years of experience in the public sector I gained skills in the Training and Development fields as a Trainer and Facilitator as well focused on administrative functions and skills. I have worked in the generalist field in human resources management for a number of years at LIW a Division of Denel, gaining experience in a manufacturing environment. Work was done in human resources functions from operational job requirements to skilled and professional job requirements, which include industrial relations exposure.


During the time in the aviation sector at Airports Company South Africa I have done work in the human resources field ranging from facilitation, talent acquisition, training, remuneration and benefits management, employment equity management, change management, including the full human resources management function.  Previously I had contact with different external institutions to ensure continuous adherence to legal requirements and industry best practises.


Studies were finalised in the Human Resources field, having completed MCOM Human Resources Management.


In personal time I really like to spend time outdoors and ensure that I have time with family.”

-Mari Odendaal




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