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29th Aug 2019
News from: Association of Private Providers of Education, Training & Development (APPETD)
9th Oct 2019


We have three new faces here at Head Office, and Guest Resource Services is proud to introduce and give some background of each of our new members.


Dean Long, 21 years old, started at Guest Resource Services on the 1st of August 2019. He is working within the IT and data capturing department, as well as assisting the Operations Manager, Caiphus Kekana.


He is within his 1st year of studies through UNISA where he is studying a in Human Resource Management NQF 7. He completed a higher certificate in Economic Management Science NQF 5 as well. He is originally from Benoni, on the East Rand, but currently resides in a flat here at GRS during the week and goes home on the weekends to see his family. A little-known fact about Dean is that he is extremely passionate about soccer, and has been playing it since the age of 3.


He recently travelled to the East London branch to upload PoE’s onto the relevant SETA systems, and said that the atmosphere there was fantastic and full of energy. In the month he has been here at Guest Resource Services, he says that he has been welcomed with open arms and warm smiles, which he feels encourages him to do his best and achieve great things for the company.


Andrea Noome, 23 years old, was born and raised in Johannesburg. She started working at Guest Resource Services at the end of May this year, and is currently an intern assistant to the CEO, Dr Wilma Guest-Mouton. She is also doing her Business Admin NQF4 through the company.


Before she started this job, she had been a telesales marketer. She is grateful for the opportunity to grow within this company and learn as much as she can. She enjoys reading and writing in her spare time, as well as taking her dog for walks. She is very happy working for Guest Resource Services, and hopes it will be a long, fruitful career. She says a big thank you to everyone for making her time here as pleasant and welcoming as it has been.


Nthabiseng Rahlagane is an ambitious and results-driven ETDP practitioner with over 4 years experience in training and development, coordinating training programmes from inception to certification including internships and bursary programmes. She recently joined Guest Resource Services as a Course Coordinator mainly responsible for the quality of learning material and assessments.


She has passion for people development and a strong believer in power of positive thinking in the workplace. She has a great sense of humour and loves adventure. She is proud to be part of a leading team that makes a contribution towards development of Africa as whole.


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