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Prof Matjila and Dr Wilma Guest-Mouton are both Academics, Educators and Language Specialists having worked in these fields for over thirty years.

Their goal is to share the knowledge and experience gained during this time to make a positive difference in South -Africa, and also the rest of the world.

Both Prof Matjila and Dr Guest-Mouton have different project offerings and work with other specialists and practitioners in the field.


Current product offerings include:

Language acquisition courses

Language acquisition courses are offered to learners who require a basic working knowledge of one or more of the languages of Africa; these courses will be offered as short learning programmes.

Current product offerings include:












Sign languages

Cultural programmes

The cultural programmes on offer engage with people from all walks of life and from all types of environments.  The programmes are customised to suit the specific requirements of each community, work place and educational institute.  The overall aim is to promote African cultures and to create an awareness of cultural activities.

With their combined wealth of knowledge, experience and information about the rich culture of South Africa’s diverse population, Prof Matjila and Dr Guest-Mouton are well equipped to offer customised programmes to suit the needs of their clients.

All these sessions are information sessions.

Information sessions for schools

Currently many Learners do not receive education in their mother tongue.  At school they are exposed to the school culture but seldom know their own history.

The main aim of these information sessions is to create a sense of awareness of each Learner’s own history and ignite greater curiosity about the history of others and thus develop greater respect for the diverse backgrounds of others.  It is hoped that these sessions will also foster a love for the individual Learners mother-tongue and greater appreciation of their own history.

Physical address:


41 Theron street



Post Box:

 PO Box 54208

Nina Park



Contact details:

 Ms Karabo Lesese

Dr Wilma Guest-Mouton

Cell 082 785 9484

Prof Sekepe Matjila

Cell 083 407 8587



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