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28th Sep 2017
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28th Sep 2017


(Special Needs coaching)

Exciting new developments, Guest Resource Services creating a platforms to educate abled body people on pressing disability issues.

Johan Venter a blind staff member of Guest Resource Services with his guide dog is opening the world of disabled sport to able bodied students at ETA College at Super sport Park Centurion. Inclusive Education is the main focus of Johan’s lecturing style accompanied by his guide dog his strives to develop and educate abled body first years to deal with multiple disabilities and to include the disabled in the world of sport.

In just naming the few of the exciting modules: Inclusive Recreation, Orientation and classification of disabilities, five stages of accepting your disability and communicating with a disabled person. Students will be issued non – accredited attendance certificate.

Guest Resource Services a trusted skills development institution for the last 21 years is looking forward to reach more companies and institutions of higher learning to take hands and assist to orientate and promote the inclusion of people living with a disability in our society.


Johan Venter

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