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18th Mar 2020
New Faces
23rd Apr 2020

Surviving lockdown will mean different things for different people as we are all unique individuals with different needs and responsibilities in different circumstances.  Your reality is not the next persons reality.  Covid-19 worldwide created loss and a crisis.  People are unsure of the future and it creates feelings of uncertainty.   It placed all humans in a situation never known before.  How do we best cope?


We need to realise that we do not need to compare what we are doing and how we are coping with any other person.  It is challenging situation for all, we can however instead of comparing maybe just learn from one another.  To take a deep breath and become calm knowing that as humans we are not really in control and that it is okay, our God is still very much in control. We are moving into the unknown and now we can only do the next right thing.  Focus on doing the next right thing, as we can now only effectively focus on short term plans.


You can in any situation make the decision to give it your best and to make the best of it. You are also not alone; we are all placed in new situations with new challenges.  Victor E Frankl once said everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.  Attitude will always remain a choice.  Choose to make the best of lockdown and to come out of it as a better person.


The good news is also that we all know and believe that it will eventually comes to and end and that we will get through it.  Yes, the world as we know it won’t be the same afterwards, we will mourn many losses but will also learn a lot.  Out of the bad will always come some good as well.   Focus on learning and gaining new skills, skills that can benefit you to work and function in a world that will be doing work and business differently as it will change the working platform worldwide for ever.  As Alvin Toffler said the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.  The world literally went online.  Now is a good time to get onboard and improve your online and technological skills.  You can also take the time to just learn any new skills.

During lockdown try to still do the things that are important to you, for example if you always enjoy reading or exercise, try to read a good book and make sure to get some exercise.  What ever interest or hobby you have now is an excellent opportunity to spend some time on it.  If you enjoy painting, make a drawing.  If you enjoy working in the garden, spend some time doing gardening.  If you like cooking, try out new recipes.  There is so much to do during our lockdown time.  Sort-out the house, repacking cabinets, sort out clothing and doing proper cleaning.


Time goes by so quickly and if you don’t plan the lockdown time will be over without you even having done the things you wanted. Therefore, planning your day and having a routine can help a lot to make your day effective and to use your time wisely.  Don’t wonder around all day long in your pajamas.   Getting dress, doing your hair and makeup will already help you to be in the right mood to be effective and accomplish stuff during your day.  Standing up earlier than usual can also help in getting all the extra tasks done that you now might have, like home-schooling, looking after children, cleaning the house and still getting some work done.  As a lot of people are still fully operational and working from home.  Come up wit a plan and workable routine for the entire family.  Don’t try to do everything on your own, talk about expectations and agree to help one another.  Delegate roles and tasks in the house and involve everyone.


Look after yourself, by not consuming too much alcohol, go to bed early in the evening to get enough sleep and rest, exercise to get the happy hormones going and to relieve stress.  Eat well and don’t skip meals, remember to eat 3 times a day.  These simple things will help you to feel good and deal better with your daily challenges.  You will have more patience and feel more relax.  Take some time to read your bible and feed your soul spiritually.  Yes, also practise good hygiene and take immune boosters.


Look after your neighbour and practice ubuntu and communicate with your friends and family.  Regularly call friends and family, talk, chat and check up on one another.  During this time see where you can help.  Get involved in the different charities in your community and lend a helping hand.    Read stories to small children, play cross and circles, play card, Three Toti, Unopey’ntana and Upuca. Do your own athletic sport day.  Take funny family photos, do dress up, a parade and be creative and use initiative.   Support ideas and initiatives of other people as we are all in this together.

Count your blessing, count them one by one.   Make that balance sheet. Yes, sometimes one positive can overshadow a whole list of negatives.  Remember it is sometimes also okay to just do nothing, rest and enjoy the quite time as well as we always complain about not having time.

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