Academic Board – Dr Carin Stolz-Urban
25th Oct 2017
Guest Resource Services now part of NSBC
25th Oct 2017

The importance of the non-accredited certificate

A lot has been debated about the value of attendance certificates.  It is our firm believe that attendance courses have a very important role to play in the growth and development of people.

In the past fifteen years accreditation of skills programmes and qualifications have become crucial specially to give learners the opportunity to obtain an accredited national qualification while they are working.

The purpose of non-accredited, attendance courses differs from the purpose of an accredited programme. Sometimes a person might only need to be sensitised in a specific topic, in other words, he/she needs to have a basic understanding of the topic, or a person might need to be part of a team to create a common understanding of a topic, or a person needs to be trained in life skills.

There are numbers of reasons why one would sometimes rather choose an attendance course, and one should not underestimate the value of it.  Attendance courses offer the advantage of being exposed to a topic and to participate in discussions in a group without the stress of being assessed and the burden of homework.

At Guest Resource services we can offer you the potential client a variety of non-accredited courses as well as accredited courses.

Guest Resource Services currently offers nine full accredited qualifications from NQF 1-NQF 5.  We also offer a variety of accredited skills programmes from end-user computing to retail and management.

Our attendance courses include capacity building for the employment equity and skills development committee, diversity training, time management, stress management and assertiveness training, to name a few.

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