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23rd Apr 2020
3rd May 2020

Dear Guest-family, in my younger training days, one of the topics I use to facilitate, was “what happens to a person during major change?”.


Even though there are various change management theories about the change management process and the pain of change, we use to take our participants through the following phases:

  1. First you hear that there might be change, then it gets a bit closer to you, it gets into your space, and it starts to make you very uncomfortable,
  2. Then the change start to influence you, other people starting to apply measures that you need to adapt to and
  3. Then eventually you realise in order for you to survive you need to adapt to these changing circumstances.


I think that is pretty much what is happening to us now.  Some months ago, we heard on the news ,there was a virus, but it was far away, in another country, in China, so to speak, not really our problem.


Then slowly this virus came closer, first we heard about Italy .  We were planning a visit to Portugal, but then we decided, better be safe than sorry.  We cancelled our trip one week before we had to fly, even though the virus was still “far” we decided we will not take the risk, that was 13 March 2020.


In the week of 16 March 2020, Guest Resource Services bought sanitiser , gloves, and implemented the one-meter rule.  Our staff making use of public transport, were requested to stay home from 23 March 2020.

When our President addressed the nation on 23 March 2020, I was in Cape Town with my husband but we realised we needed to do what we are expected to do.  Change was happening and we had no control over it.  We had to drive back, to be in time for the national lockdown. All staff received information about the lockdown and our planned survival plan.  Guest Resource Services  communicated in person, via face book, emails and whats-up messages.


Guest Resource Services always puts safety first, but we also want a healthy learning environment that is quality driven and trusted by our learners, our staff and our clients. We thus immediately implemented the survival plan.


Some of the employees were able to work from home.  Some of the employees just needed to take the time off.  We planned our resources in such a way, that we trust that there will be no job losses.


None of us have ever been in lockdown before, and after the first few days, we realised , we have heard about the virus, other people told us what to do, because of the virus, and where we are now we are at the stage where we are adapting to our changing circumstances.


We do not know what will happen, how long it will take or what the impact will be, but our Operations Director, Mr Piet Guest always says “control the controllable”.


We have received correspondence from various SETAS on the implementation of blended and eLearning, and Guest Resource Services has already adapted our policy for submission to the WR-Seta, our primary focus ETQA.  We have also immediately started with learning support and blended learning through various mediums.


The trainers, assessors and moderators all work together to support learners and to move forward.  In the Eastern Cape a number of Workplace Learning programmes just started, and the team is doing exceptionally well with support to the learners, via different communication methods.


We trust that we can all learn from this pandemic, that we can stand together, that we can grow together, that we can be a responsible nation in our beautiful country.  The we can set an example and be the change we want to see.

May God bless South Africa.


Dr Wilma Guest-Mouton

CEO: Guest Resource Services

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