New faces at Guest Resources Services
26th Jan 2018
Guest Resources Services learners at SAAB
28th Feb 2018

The quotation “Knowledge is Power” can be used to inspire people to open their minds to a bigger world.   At Guest Resources Services, Further Education and Training (FET) College we strive to create minds hungry for knowledge, but whilst we walk the knowledge route with our learners, we guide them to use the knowledge and to apply it (skills) in their lives.  We also strive to touch the attitude of learners in a positive way.  We thus believe, that knowledge on its own, is powerful, but through a holistic learning approach, we can guide our learners to achieve more and to discover their talents and achieve their goals.

The two pictures are those of learners who started with a fear for learning, in a classroom environment in a language other than their mother tongue.  Six months down the line, they are excited to come to class, they complete all work in their portfolios, and they are excited also to get exposure to work on a computer.

Knowledge is power.

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