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The first question one can ask is what is a Learnership? And how does anybody acquire it and truly what are the benefits of a learnership to be exact?


A learnership is a structured learning programme during which the learner spends a certain portion of time learning theory and a majority of the time is spend on practical skills learning in the workplace, with which all this skills he or she acquires they will then be able to truly flourish in the work environment.


This leads to a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Such a qualification is designed to provide not only technical and work-specific skills, but life skills such as communication and teamwork with leadership skills as well as the ability to be a follow and being led.


Before the programme is implemented, a contract is signed between the employer, the learner and an accredited skills development training provider. Each agrees to specific conditions and the contract protects all parties for the duration of the programme.



Learners need learnerships because they cannot afford the loss of income that full-time study would cost, and they cannot afford to be on learning programmes that are not directly and practically related to their field of work and better prospects.


Learnerships also provide a launch pad for further learning and give learners the opportunity to gain a qualification through a structured learning programme. This qualification is nationally recognised and portable from one company to another. Furthermore, a good qualification provides a basis for further personal development. Work standards and job satisfaction are improved and the learner has a greater self-image and self-esteem.

Learnerships give a structure and truly allow learners to grow immensely not just psychologically but also emotionally as this gives them a chance to discover their self-worth in their strength and weaknesses but also how to strike balance and to truly find the weapon that will help them in the journey as whole, perseverance and success are key and there are no limits. You find the tools of not just how to survive in the work environment but also how to make it in the word around you for you are armed with knowledge that goes beyond just goes beyond what you see.


Virginia.k. Mohl  

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