Fire at Guest Resource Services in East London
11th Dec 2019
19th Dec 2019

Spring/casual day with a twist, Guest Resource Services together with various organisations taking part to create a platform for Guest Resource Services disabled learners to part take in a sport day side by side with their abled body class mates.

On 05 September 2019, the disabled learners of Guest Resource Services had the chance to shine and take part in a variety of sports events specially adapted to suit all needs of the differently abled learners.

The following activities formed part of the fun day:


  1. Trailer Wall climbing
  2. Water games (e.g. pool funnel)
  3. Communication channel activities ( e.g. mine field game)
  4. Soft skills Development programs and team building activities ( e.g. Tripins)
  5. Recreation wellness activities.

The day was organised by a new energetic group of learners from Guest Resources Services currently on a Business Administration NQF 2 learnership sponsored by Academy Brushware.

Guest Resources Services wants make use of this opportunity to thank the following institutions without them the day would not have been a success.


  1. TUT sport and recreation
  2. Out and about recreation
  3. Metro police
  4. Metropolitan
  5. Guest Resource Services management and staff
  6. Guest Resource Services Academy Brushware learners

-Johan Venter

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