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3rd May 2020
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6th May 2020

As your trusted training provider, we are getting ready to support you through a carefully designed blended learning approach.

The world of work and business as we used to know it, is changing fast.  More so, all businesses are forced to focus on some challenges that were brought to our doorstep so quickly with the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) developments and recently the COVID-19 pandemic.   If we keep on training and learning the way we have in the past, we might soon find challenges to complete qualifications to the satisfaction of all parties involved. We are answering some important questions in this article.


We are delighted to be able to share important principles of our World of Work with you.

Our Current Reality

Our Opportunities

Why will Blended Learning be the best approach to take?

Our diverse client base allows us the opportunity to ensure the approach to learning caters for very specific needs, varying between qualifications as well as industries.  WE therefore target the cdelivery of quality training and qualifications to the benefit of:

  • Learners who can increase skill and enhance their careers effectively;
  • Business clients who will provide more effective training at lower cost;
  • Authorities with increased efficiency and quality standards impacting the SA economy;
  • GRS as a quality provider with skilled staff & increased impact on learner progress;
  • Of those who are in need of a carefully designed learning process, where the traditional face-to-face time as well as the online and virtual time is worked out to seamlessly integrate’
  • Clients and Learners, as they have more time in the workplace;
  • Learners who will have more flexibility as to the time they can complete the work.

Who should be satisfied with the Blended approach?

 It is our firm belief that all the stakeholders in the process should be satisfied with the approach.

Which benefits to we envisage with the approach?

No real change can be affected if there are no benefits.  See and judge for yourself the benefits of the blended learning approach.

Areas of benefit Traditional Learning Blended Learning
Content delivery Formalised Scheduled & physical presence (long class sessions) Formal pre reading to prepare before class. Support via technology  (shorter sessions maybe more months)
Leaner impact Physical attendance and travel, involved. Do Hard copy work. Work at own pace to prepare, use technology & class sessions (perhaps class at office)
Location Physical class location, follow pace of group . Reduce physical presence, more work at own pace.
Business impact More time out of work, more travel. More time in workplace,  class session periodically.  Access technology from work and home
Cost Higher cost, physical presence & resources. More salaries involved. Reduced physical presence, reduced cost of training & less time out of workplace.
Interactive In class, create physical networks. Interactive on-line methods create engagement and focus at speed. Easy access.


We commit to the following to ensure a seamless Blended Learning design

We believe in creating value:

  • We will Always Stick to learning objectives;
  • Our policies and procedures will be aligned;
  • We will improved on LMS functionality to create efficiency in processes;
  • We want to listen to your views, interface with you and integrate views from clients as well as governing authorities;
  • We will brief and orientate GRS staff and trainers;
  • We will prepare Learners;
  • We will continue to create good learning communities for continued interaction;
  • We aim to keep the process simple and understandable whilst we:
    • Remain flexible and open to feedback;
    • Keep relations with external stakeholders.


Please enjoy the journey with us whilst we aim to deliver top quality to your business.

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