17th May 2021
Feedback on work placements.
17th May 2021

The lack of employment opportunities is a problem that our country has always been faced with. A lot of our youth is unemployed. This includes members of our youth that have not acquired a tertiary education and as well as those that were able to obtain this education. Imagine, spending 3-4 years studying only for you to struggle to get a job once you have graduated. This is a sad reality that members of our communities are faced with.


We at Guest Resources Services do not only equip our learners with the education (theory) we go as far as getting our learners into workplaces where they can obtain the skills and in most cases possibly get employed such as Bongeka Njikela who eventually was hired by Manda Concept as a receptionist after having had started as a learner doing her practical within the company.


How does it work?

Through our work placement programs. In this program work placement coaches place learners in a company that corresponds with what they are studying and as well as a company that is situated within their residential area, to cut down on transportation costs. For example: a learner studying business administration would be placed in a company that deals with a lot of administration, such as an office, within their residential area. A learner studying Wholesale and Retail will be placed in a workplace such as Shoprite or Mr Price where they can obtain the experience of working within the Wholesale and Retail Industry. Not only does this equip the learners with the skills they need, it also gives them the opportunity of being hired within the company. The learner can also make use of the experience obtained through the company as a reference on their C.V. As we all know, a lot of companies are very hesitant towards hiring an individual without experience.


As the well-known African proverb goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”, indeed, this would have not been possible if it was not for the business that opens their doors daily to accommodate our learners. Just to name a few businesses such as Magnifica Studios, Gem Print, Nates Car Sales as well as Mdantsane Pick n’ Pay. Not forgetting our work placement team all over our branches that go out of their way approaching companies asking them to accommodate our learners and regularly checking on the well-being of our learners to ensure that they are receiving the adequate training that they need in a healthy environment. Our partnership with the Department of Labour ensures that our learners acquire a workplace during and after the learnership. We have hosted numerous career days in attempt to inform our learners of the opportunities that are available to them.


Guest Resources Services is not a quick fix, we ensure that our learners are adequately equipped to ensure that when they are finished with their learnership they are able to spread their wings and fly.

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