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22nd Dec 2020
Blended Learning Program
22nd Dec 2020

For us at the GRS family 2020 was like the rest of the world the year that will be printed into our memories forever. Never was the Covid19 pandemic in the planning at the start of 2020.


Then it happened and had a huge influence on the daily life of all human beings.

If we reflect then it was a year, we all had to change, adapt, accept and most of all to learn to survive.

Our CEO, Dr Wilma Guest-Mouton made it clear during our first virtual meeting towards the end of March 2020 that our focus will be on survival.


To be able to achieve this we had to put in a lot of hard work to cope with all the challenges and changes.

By the grace of God, we can look back and realised that we came out stronger after this unforgettable year.

Not only did we discover new ways of doing, but we could continue with our vision in total different way.


Through different forms of blended learning we could continue in various ways to train our learners and ensure that learning took place. I am sure the mistakes made, the lessons learned in this time will ensure a bright future for Guest Resource Services in the virtual world.


With that in mind I would like to thank every individual involved or associated with Guest Resource Services for staying positive during this year and who contributed to our survival from the bottom of my heart.


We would also like to honour those who are not with us anymore, like Johannes Nkwane, our Caretaker at Head Office. We will remember him when we look at the tree that we planted in remembrance for him.

My wish for all at the GRS family from Polokwane to Cape Town and all those in between to have a blessed time to spend with loved ones during the Christmas time.


The year 2020 teached us to appreciate all the small blessings in life even the small ones that we take for granted.

We are looking forward to serve our fellow learners of life in the year 2021.


God bless our beautiful country and all it’s people.

Blessings and never stop learning!


Oom Piet

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