Blended Learning Program
22nd Dec 2020
Passing of Chief Moderator – Mr Kraai van Kraayenburg
7th Apr 2021

Dear stakeholders, at the end of a year, like no other, we reflect, and we are amazed with the magnitude of previously unknown experiences in one year.


We have also added strange words to our vocabulary, and basic activities like going to the shop or attending a conference , are not so basic anymore.


Travelling became a “let’s wait and see” event, and a smile is all off a sudden hidden behind a mask.

“COVID” , the Corona virus, social distancing, sanitise your hands became words and phrases daily used by us.


We also went into “lock down” and we did not know what will happen to us.

Guest Resource Services and our employees are fortunate, we could change our model of work, and we moved over to a blended learning approach.


Even though there are more challenges, most of us, discovered new horizons and we are learning new skills.

With that being said, I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation towards each employee, contract worker, client, support structures for standing together, taking hands and moving forward as a team.


I have seen change, I have experienced challenges, and I appreciate our growth.

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a peaceful festive season.  Enjoy some family time, rest well and return to work refreshed and ready to face the challenges of 2021.

Be blessed.

Dr Wilma Guest-Mouton


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