Guest Resource Services was established in June 1996 by Dr Wilma Guest-Mouton. Initially the focus of the company was on life skills training. Guest Resource Services soon became an accredited provider, specialising in Supervisory, Management and Project Management training.

Today Guest Resource Services is a credible provider of choice for many companies in South Africa and offers 17 different NQF qualifications. Guest Resource Services continuously adapts to the changing education and training landscape. Our focus is on adult training, with our underpinning philosophy beings to guide people “from self-knowledge” to “self-responsibility”.

Core business

In our programmes the institutional, operational, and the personal needs of the individual are integrated into a functional precept and training is customised to address the needs of all the employees involved as well as that of the company.

We co-ordinate the entire project, supervise allocated specialists, utilise and train empowerment groups in the process and timeously deliver the final product.

Our core business is:

  • To advise on skills development and employment equity (Do needs-analysis, compile training plans, schedule training, submit PIVOTAL applications and report on training and employment equity).
  • To project management projects (If required we will bring in the experts and project manage your programme for you).
  • To develop and present skills training in all industries and government departments in South Africa.
  • To design curricula, assist with learnerships and skills programmes and to implement blended learning programmes and in-house training.
  • To train people living with disabilities and find suitable workplaces for them

Our Vision:

To become the leading accredited provider of Adult Education & Training in Africa.

Our Mission:

To make a contribution towards the development of Africa’s human potential, thereby heightening productivity and ensuring prosperity.

Our Values:



We put the needs of our clients as our highest priority. We are committed to offering individual learners opportunities for learning and development of the highest quality, thus furthering our client’s goals toward empowerment and realizations of their employees’ potential.


We believe that effective business relationships inside and outside the company are possible only with high levels of trust between parties.

Honesty, integrity and accountability

We conduct our business with utmost honesty, openness, directness, passion, humility and integrity. We are accountable for all our actions.

Respect for people

We honour their rights as individuals, respect individual differences and diversity as qualities that enhance our efforts as a team. We believe in treating each other fairly and without discrimination.



Diversity of background, perspective, style and opinion are important in the decision-making process, but uniformity of commitment to achieve the objective, once a decision has been made, is critical.

Continuous improvement

We continuously improve the quality of our services. This improvement is guided by the needs of our clients and learners, international, national and sectorial trends, as well as standards set by regulatory bodies.

Creativity and risk taking

Creativity, inventiveness and risk-taking are critical in problem solving and design in solutions for our customers. We will take intelligent risks based upon facts and analysis.

Health and safety

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working and learning environment for our employees, learners and stakeholders.


  • 2004 – 2005SASSETA

    Guest Resource Services has been awarded the best Skills Development Facilitator for The Small Medium Micro Enterprise SMME programme for the year Sept 2004 – Sept 2005 for Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA).
  • 2015 - 2016W&RSETA

    Guest Resource Services has been awarded the Second Prize under the Fully Accredited Training Providers Category for the 2015/16 Good Practice Awards. Guest Resource Services was the runner-up of the Wholesale and Retail award established Training Provider (2014)
  • 2014 – 2016NSA – National Skills Authority

    Gold Award for Best TVET Placement Programme 2014 – 2016 Silver Award for Best Adult Education Training Programme 2014 – 2016


blind SA Logo

Since 2017 Guest Resource Services in relationship with blind S.A is working together towards creating a better learning environment that is more inclusive for the disabled. Guest Resource Services in relationship with Blind S.A is striving and taking hands to offer a better future to all disabilities in S.A.

Microsoft Word – E Brochure Guest Resources BCU input (00000003)

The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management (Da Vinci), a duly registered and accredited provider of higher education, offers a BCom (Business Management) applied to Retail Management employees. The focus is on a business management approach and managerial leadership development. The BCom (Business Management) consists of 360 credits at exit NQF Level 7)... Read more


The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), established in 2007, is a non-profit membership organisation and the driving force fuelling small business growth. The real purpose behind the organisation is fostering the sustainability and growth of the SME sector, driving job creation, alleviating unemployment and nurturing the country’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Our organisation has the capability, knowledge and experience to undertake research, develop training and development programmes, do pre- and post-assessments, deliver feedback reports, carry out layout and design, prepare printing proofs and templates and do thorough project management.

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